Horizon Report: Coding, Makerspaces Coming Soon to All K-12 Schools

VERTICAL HORIZON: Expect to see makerspaces, coding and online learning opportunities in schools within the next year, according to the latest K-12 Horizon report (PDF) from The New Media Consortium and Consortium for School Networking (CoSN). The annual report, written by and for researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and policymakers around the world, forecasts key trends, challenges and adoption timeline in education technology.

“Wicked” challenges, described as “those that are complex to even define, much less address” include closing the achievement gap and figuring out how best to personalize learning. Solvable problems, on the other hand, include rethinking teachers’ roles and creating real-world learning problems and experiences to students.

Eighteen trends in all are examined in the 58-page report. (CoSN also offers this PDF toolkit packed with questions to guide further discussion.) Some repeat trends, such as wearable technology, continue to be out of reach. Here’s a roundup of predictions shared in previous Horizon reports.

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