Lightneer Raises €2.8 Million, Taps Former Rovio Exec to Build Learning Games

LIGHTNEER, a Finnish startup that aims to develop educational games, has raised €2.8 million (approximately US $3.16 million) in a round led by GSV Acceleration (which provided $2.03 million) and joined by IPR.VC ($1.13 million). Founded in 2015, the startup plans to release its first game, Big Bang Legends, which covers the periodic table and particle physics, in 2017. The company has now raised a total of €3.5 million ($3.94 million). More details in the press release.

Joining Lightneer is former Rovio “Mighty Eagle”(the company’s playfully puzzling title for chief marketing officer), Peter Vesterbacka, who previously led efforts to fuse Angry Birds with educational projects. (Here’s our interview with him in 2014 about the “Fun Learning” business, which Rovio would slash a year later.) Vesterbacka will continue his streak for holding funny titles as Lightneer’s “brand buster.” 

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