S'Cool Tools Reviewed by an Educator: Learn With Homer, Dreambox Learning


TOO COOL (PERFECT FOR SCHOOL): We write about classroom tools every week, but there are many more edtech experts outside our newsroom than within. Educators interact with edtech every day, so asked educators in our community to share with us how they use their tools, what they like and what they don’t for our Instruct newsletter. To be clear, these reviewers have no financial interest in promoting these tools, nor do their opinions necessarily reflect those of EdSurge. If you're an educator who would like to share your experiences with a product that you use, click here to complete a case study.

FreemiumLearn With Homer—“I have children who come to me with early reading challenges, and parents are often eager to provide support at home. I always advocate that the goal of at-home learning is to provide fun ways to build early reading skills. Learn with Homer does just that. I also have always had this tool on my school iPads so that struggling readers can pick up in their reading or free time.

“Learn with Homer has helped build the early reading abilities in several of my students. The program starts with the basics of sounds and letters before moving on to words and ideas with illustrated stories. Through the dashboard, you can also keep track of the progress your child has made and see his or her growth over time.”

Renee (@missus_jay), Learning Specialist in New York City

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LicenseDreambox Learning—“I had a student who had moved schools and states several times, leaving unique gaps in his mathematics knowledge. I used Dreambox as a free-time activity, gave him access at home, and assigned it as his homework. The goal was to use the program supplement his skills in a way that didn't feel like an extra burden.

“The program does an initial assessment, which evaluates a student’s skill level across math areas, then recommends games that target their specific gaps. This was perfect for my student since he didn’t need to build every single math skill, but he needed a targeted approach.

“The games were fun. The reporting and tracking features were incredibly helpful for both the student, myself and his parents. The student enjoyed seeing his reporting charts and felt a sense of mastering skills that had been quite difficult for him.”

Renee (@missus_jay), Learning Specialist in New York City

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