Success Academy Charter to Release Lessons Plans and Tutorials Online

TRYING TO SAVE FACE? Success Academy Charter Schools founder Eva Moskowitz announced on May 30 that Success plans to start releasing lesson plans online this summer. Said during a Wall Street Journal interview, Moskowitz added that the decision "made sense, given the volume of requests, to just share it all as soon as we can.” WSJ also speculates that the decision to share may be in part to shift the nationwide public's less-than-stellar opinion of the NY-based charter system; most recently, Success was under intense scrutiny in the news when a video surfaced of a teacher using questionable teaching methods with a group of first-graders.

The first collection of lesson plans, aligned to grades K-4, will be posted online through the Success Academy Education Institute, and eventually expand all the way to 12th grade. Additionally, Success will include tutorials on assessing student reading levels and library redesign.

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