How Does Money Shape the US K-12 Ecosystem?

How Does Money Shape the US K-12 Ecosystem?

How is money shaping tools and schools?

EdSurge has been exploring that question for months now. Today we are excited to share the second installment of our year-long campaign chronicling the US K-12 State of Edtech.

Explore how money is shaping the US K-12 ecosystem

Since 2010, the U.S. K-12 edtech industry has seen a boom of venture investing that reached over $740M in 2015. EdSurge has been “following the money” behind venture investments in U.S. K-12 edtech companies to understand the dollars—and their implications. Those investments are redefining the tools and curriculum available to schools and will have an effect on teaching and learning...eventually. Measurable “exits” and demonstrated outcomes for schools have been scarce so far.

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This research is the second chapter in a series on the State of Edtech and is supported by AT&T through their signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire.

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