New Research from Tyton Partners Charts Adaptive Learning's Higher-Ed Evolution

BUZZWORDS MEET THE REAL WORLD: Is the hype behind adaptive learning in higher education finally becoming a reality? In 2012 Tyton Partners, a Boston-based consulting firm, called adaptive technology “a nascent market spring-loaded with potential.” Today the company released a new study, “Learning to Adapt 2.0,” that shows how adaptive learning has changed in higher education over the past three years.

The new report, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, explores five themes in adaptive learning based on Tyton Partners’ interviews with leaders at higher-ed institutions and adaptive solutions suppliers.

  1. Institutions have more experience with adaptive learning through pilot programs, but the path to broad implementation is uncertain.
  2. Applications of adaptive learning technology are expanding.
  3. The role of faculty is changing with “adaptive teaching”—guiding individual learner pathways.
  4. Adaptive learning is relevant for specific uses in competency-based education.
  5. Adaptive products are adding new features like customization tools and direct-communication capabilities.

For more on the adaptive learning landscape in higher ed, including case studies and resources for product selection, check out the full report.

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