Barnett Berry: Can Technology Save the Teaching Profession?

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Barnett Berry: Can Technology Save the Teaching Profession?

By Blake Montgomery and Mary Jo Madda (Columnist)     Apr 3, 2016

Barnett Berry: Can Technology Save the Teaching Profession?
The Center for Teaching Quality's Barnett Berry

There are few people who have studied teachers and the art of teaching as much as Barnett Berry has. He’s the founder and CEO of the Center for Teaching Quality, a national nonprofit that advances a high-quality public education system for all students, driven by the bold ideas and expert practices of teachers.

Barnett’s two books, Teaching 2030 and Teacherpreneurs, frame his bold vision for the teaching profession’s future. But is it too bold? Perhaps downright impossible?

A few weeks ago, The Center for Teaching Quality put out a new paper commissioned by the Ford Foundation, all about the concept of “deeper learning.” Barnett stopped by EdSurge to share some of the papers’ findings, but we wanted more—and sat down with him for the EdSurge podcast. Barnett and his team make the argument in the paper that if we want to achieve deeper learning in the classroom, we need to do a better job developing teacher leaders. But does that mean they have to leave the classroom to become administrators? And where does technology play a role in all of this?

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