ClassDojo Opens Up to Principals and School Leaders

CLASSDOJO EXPAND BEYOND CLASSROOMS: Educators love ClassDojo, according to the eponymous company behind a classroom management and community app now used in 1 in 2 U.S. schools. But principals who wanted to use it were signing up as teachers. Now that’s no longer necessary.

Starting Mar. 29, the San Francisco-based startup will allow school principals and leaders to sign up for their own ClassDojo account. They’ll have access to features that allow them to send school-wide updates and messages to parents, give feedback to students, and the ability to post photos, videos and other assets  to “School Story,” an Instagram-style feed of what’s happening at school. (It’s somewhat similar to the “Class Story” tool, released last summer, that allow teachers to share what’s happening in their classrooms with parents.)

So far, the company claims more than 25,000 principals and other school senior staff have signed up for a school leader account.

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