Google Forms Gets Five New Features

NEW NEW NEW: It's been awhile since Google Forms last updated in September. But if you're a fan of the Forms—whether using them to ask students their preferences for a project or collect quiz results—you'll enjoy this. Today, the company has announced a slew of new features:

  • Users can now access "Templates" from the Google Form homescreen. Templates include quizzes and event sign-up forms. (Think field trip sign-ups.)
  • Users can now receive email notifications whenever someone submits a Form.
  • In addition to the summary of responses currently available in the Forms editor, users can now also view individual survey responses (or delete individual responses from this screen).
  • For all of you Google Apps for Education users, you can now remind students or parents who haven't responded to a form with the “Send reminder email” feature.
  • Two tools are better than one, so users can now use add-ons and edit scripts in the new Forms editor. Add-ons include Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator, and g(Math) for Forms.
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