Michael Horn Moves on From Clayton Christensen Institute

THERE IS A GREAT DISRUPTION IN THE FORCE. Michael Horn, one of the leading voices behind popular—and contested—theories about bringing “disruptive innovation” to education, has announced his departure from the Clayton Christensen Institute. Since 2007, Horn and his team have published numerous books, reports and white papers exploring technology’s role in reshaping the learning experience. One of their earliest contributions: offering a lexicon for describing the different “blended learning” models used in schools.

“When we founded the Institute, our plan was that the individuals on our team wouldn’t stay forever,” Horn writes in Forbes. “I am personally now at just such a point where I am ready for new challenges.” His next work will involve working with a yet-to-be-disclosed portfolio of companies in board and advisory roles. Julia Freeland Fisher will take over as the director of education research for the Clayton Christensen Institute.

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