AdmitSee Raises $1.5M Seed Round to Build Marketplace for College Application Materials

ADMITSEE, a San Francisco, CA-based startup that helps students navigate the college admissions process, disclosed it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from investors including The Social+Capital Partnership and The round includes $100K that the team received as a graduate of Imagine K12’s accelerator program. Founded in 2013, AdmitSee offers a marketplace where verified college students can share and sell their application materials. The company shares a few notable writing trends through its analysis of essays that helped kids get into Stanford and Ivy Leagues—including which school prefers the term “father” over “dad.”

UPDATE: In October, Admitsee finished off its fund raise, adding another $300K to the financing for a total raise of $1.8 million, noted TechCrunch

An earlier version of this blurb stated that the company was based in New York.

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