What Teachers Hear When Companies Talk

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What Teachers Hear When Companies Talk

By Mary Jo Madda (Columnist) and Michael Winters     Jul 21, 2015

What Teachers Hear When Companies Talk

Have you ever tried to have a conversation...but it seems like neither person can understand anything that the other one says? Maybe you're an educator and have come away confused or frustrated after talking with an edtech company (or vice versa?)

We hear about this happening in edtech all the time. So while we were at ISTE, we set out to investigate: Where and how exactly does the conversation between educators and entrepreneurs go awry? And when it does, is there anything we can do to fix it?

To find out, we recorded educator and friend of EdSurge Kerry Gallagher as she spoke with Justin Chando, co-founder and CEO of the new(ish) LMS Chalkup, about his product. Along the way, we dive in to three pitfalls that can happen when educators and entrepreneurs converse, and share some thoughts about how to avoid them.

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