Chicago Public Schools Pre-Approves 74 Companies for Edtech Catalog

APPROVED BY CHICAGO: Back in April, Chicago Public Schools issued a Request for Qualification for education technology companies looking to get their products pre-qualified to be used in any of its 664 schools. ChicagoInno reports that so far 74 companies, including Amplify, Edmodo and ThinkCERCA have been pre-approved for three years and will be included in an "interactive software portal to provide principals with the knowledge and security they need to make informed decisions about Ed Tech purchases," according to the press release. This catalog is expected to launch this summer.

Company pre-approvals are valid for three years. This does not guarantee these tools will be purchased or used—but only that they have met the district's technical, privacy and security standards. The full list of 74 companies can be found buried in the Board's agenda notes (PDF) under item PR17.

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