China's NetDragon Seeks To 'Go Boldly' in Education


Yes, that is just what it looks like: A whopping concrete (and steel we presume) version of the starship, USS Enterprise. And, in another life, it doubles as the headquarters for online gaming and education firm, NetDragon Websoft. The office, which reportedly cost $100 million to build, is the pride and joy of Liu Dejian, founder of the Fuzhou, China-based company. 

Dejian told CNBC that he hopes that design of the unique HQ will inspire NetDragon employees to seek out adventure as the company ventures into "uncharted territories," including online education and robots. (Education is one of the three product areas identified on the company's website.

"In my line of business, sometimes you have to make crazy decisions, unlike other businesses where you can adopt the normal plan approach," Liu told CNBC. "The most important thing is to think ahead, figure what is the right thing to do and try to accomplish things [that are] seemingly impossible."

The building took four years to construct and apparently includes automatic sliding gates and a replica Tyrannosaurs Rex. No reports of transporters or--at least yet--three-dimensional chess boards. 

Here's the tape!  Live long & well, game on! 

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