What the Chilean Government Thinks College Should Cost

Hint: Less than a latte. 

Cool story here about how the Chilean government aims to make university free. Money (literally) quote: 

“In March 2016 we will start with free higher education now that we have the resources,” said Rodrigo Peñailillo, Chile's Minister of Interior in early December following approval of a corporate tax hike that will generate $8.2 billion in new revenue." 

Chile has had other smart initiatives, including Start-Up Chile, which has been giving startups funding since 2010 ($35K most recently) and a year-long visa to do business in Chile. In mid-April, the government announced its most recent cohort of companies--90 in all--chosen from 1,600 applications. (And yes, quite a few have been edtech companies.) Check out all the recently selected companies here.

Time to start checking out those flights to Santiago! 

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