VidCode Sweeps 2015 SIIA Innovation Incubator Awards

GREAT EXPECTATIONS have now been set for Vidcode after it swept both the "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Most Innovative" awards at SIIA's 2015 Innovation Incubator program. The New York-based startup offers a video editing tool designed to engage students—especially young women—in computer science by teaching them to code their own special effects. Vidcode was chosen from over 50 applicants for the annual SIIA competition recognizing new, promising edtech products. Here are previous winners:

  • 2014: Ranku; Cogent Education; Listen Current
  • 2013: Brain Parade; LightSail
  • 2012: Clever; Language Express
  • 2011: Capstone Digital; Footsteps2Brilliance
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