Hallelujah! Pope Francis Launches Education Startup Accelerator

THE HOLIEST INCUBATOR: Among the things one should consider when choosing an edtech accelerator: money, location, connections and...the blessing of the Pope? Indeed, even Pope Francis is tossing his papal mitre into the ring with Scholas Labs, a four-month program “to accelerate projects and support entrepreneurs committed to innovate in the field of education and technology.”

The website is scant on details but according to the Inquistr, Scholas Labs is backed by Google, Microsoft, and Argentine Globant. The nonprofit organization will support ten projects every year, and participants are not expected to bear any cost. Pope Francis has already launched a project, Scholas, in August 2013, to connect schools around the world. Some of these will presumably offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to test their tools and get feedback.

Pope Francis is no stranger to Twitter and Google Hangout, where he once called himself a "dinosaur" when it comes to using technology.

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