S'Cool Tools of the Week: TED-Ed's Interactive Periodic Table, Coggle,...

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S'Cool Tools of the Week: TED-Ed's Interactive Periodic Table, Coggle, Verso

Dec 14, 2014

TOO COOL (PERFECT FOR SCHOOL): Here we go again! We've got our favorite edtech teacher and administrator tools for the week right here, as highlighted in our Instruct newsletter. Our fave S'Cool Tools are:

Free! Mendeleev would be proud. And you will be too, science teachers, when your students show off their sharp recollection of the elements on the periodic table after using TED-Ed’s interactive version. There’s a video for each element on the periodic table, from a Hydrogen explosion to the controversial backstory of Ununseptium. The EdSurge editorial team has been distracted by these all day and humming “The Elements” along with Daniel Radcliffe. So what’s your F-Ar-V-O-Re-Te?

Free! Are your students having a hard time drawing connections between various concepts or events? Try Coggle--this platform helps you (or your students) create information-rich webs of images and links about anything from the digestive system to the events leading up to the War of 1812. Students can use it for big concept reviews for those December finals!

Free! From marvelous Australian educators: Verso is a fascinating tool that aims to honor the student voice and get students exchanging their thoughts on any topic (from peer pressure to French verbs). Teachers create “challenges” for students (or use ones from Verso) by giving students some prompt (a video clip, document or website) and linked questions. Students anonymously share responses back--and can later see and comment on one another’s responses. Verso in 82 seconds here.

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