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Jobs Are Freakin' Awesome

By Tyler McNally     Oct 1, 2014

Jobs Are Freakin' Awesome

The edtech space is growing in more ways than one. Throughout the United States we are seeing more and more pockets of edtech emerge. Our Fifty States Project features writers from Wisconsin, South Dakota, California , Kentucky, and Hawaii, just to name a few. Year to date, venture investments flowing into the edtech market in the US is bubbling towards $1 billion. As these organizations continue to grow, so does their need for great tech-savvy talent.

Exactly one year ago, EdSurge launched its jobs board to help meet this growing demand for talent. Since then, over 400 edtech organizations have posted more than 1,000 jobs. In June, we used data from our jobs board to go on the hunt for the edtech capital of the U.S. based on job openings.

With more jobs than ever, we decided to revisit this analysis and combine it with venture financings, also categorized by region.

Here is what we have seen…

With a couple notable exceptions, the number of jobs in a given region appear to mirror the amount of funding there. Since we started the jobs board, roughly 40 percent of the jobs posted have been located in the Bay Area, and just over 18 percent have been located in greater New York City. Similarly, roughly half of the funds, invested year to date in edtech, have been invested in companies based in the Bay Area and another roughly 10 percent have been invested in New York City.

You might be asking yourself, "What's up with Utah?" Look no further than Pluralsight's $135M Series B from last month. Pluralsight is not the only fast-growing edtech company to call the Beehive state home. Instructure, the company behind the Canvas LMS, and formative assessment maker MasteryConnect are based in Utah. There must be something in the water--these three companies have raised close to $190 million in the last 18 months from VC investors.

We have seen startup jobs make up 40 percent of the total jobs posted in this emerging industry

Since starting the jobs board one year ago, company specific roles (sales, marketing, product, engineering, and customer service) make up 60 percent and educator positions (teachers and edtech coordinators) account for roughly 30 percent. Leadership roles at companies, non-profits, and schools make up rest.

We continue to see a steady trend of edtech coordinator positions making up roughly 10 percent of the jobs posted each quarter. This is a promising sign that schools are dedicated to the use of technology in the classroom.

These numbers may not be representative of the entire country. But it is safe to say, the edtech industry is growing quickly and with it the number and variety of jobs available. We will continue to keep you abreast of the hiring trends as they evolve and our data becomes more statistically significant.

Looking for a new role? Have a position you need to fill? Our Jobs Board has you covered!

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