​Teens Use Dirt Germs to Combat Global Poverty at 2014 Google Science Fair

SUPERKIDS: Remember your baking soda volcano proudly displayed in the school auditorium? This totally blows that out of the water. On Monday, three Irish 16-year-old girls, Ciara Judge, Êmer Hickey and Sophie Healey-Thow, explained their latest science project, which uses naturally occurring soil bacteria to speed up the germination process of food by 50%, and became the Grand Prize Winners of the fourth annual Google Science Fair.

As Grand Prize Winners, Judge, Hickey and Healey-Thow will receive a $50,000 scholarship from Google, in addition to a 10-day trip to the Galapagos, a personalized LEGO prize and astronaut training in the Mojave Desert.

The other winning scientists also created some very impressive projects, including a flying robot inspired by how fruit flies respond to threats, a strategy for breaking down toxins found in ponds and a device that enables people with speech disabilities to communicate by exhaling.

Read more about the winners here, and submit your project for the 2015 Google Science Fair!

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