Where’s Edtech Innovation Happening Across the World?

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Where’s Edtech Innovation Happening Across the World?

By Mary Jo Madda (Columnist)     Sep 16, 2014

Where’s Edtech Innovation Happening Across the World?

Applications for EdSurge’s first annual Digital Innovation in Learning Awards, co-hosted with nonprofit Digital Promise, are coming in. And although we haven’t yet turned over the files to the judges, we are spotting some interesting trends about what and where edtech innovation is taking place.

The fifteen awards, open to educators, administrators and edtech organizations, are aimed at celebrating and sharing great practices and key characteristics of great products. We encourage anyone to apply and get in all application materials by October 1--as long as you showcase your best practices.

But these awards aren’t only meant to celebrate the good work of people in edtech. We’ve taken the data and found some metric trends that may call attention to what’s booming where in the edtech landscape.

Where are applicants coming from?

While domestically, California continues to top the list of most applications (18.9% of the total U.S. submissions) and most nominations (25.9%), it doesn’t hold a majority. New York and Illinois aren’t far behind, especially when it comes to applications.

In fact, the East Coast leads the other three American time zones (Central, Mountain, and Pacific) and international countries in representation, accounting for 38% of total DILA applications and 39% of total DILA nominations. The Central Time Zone comes in second for applications (22%), likely linked to a concentration of applicants in Illinois, Texas and Minnesota.

Of international submissions, Canada leads other countries in nominations (34% of all international nominations) while England leads in applications. However, international applications are coming from all over. Applicants from 26 countries have sent in materials, including Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Algeria and Uganda.

A few last-minute FAQs

You’ve seen some data into where these submissions are coming from, so here’s what happens if you’re still interested in applying.

As the final DILA deadline approaches, here are a few answers to questions that we’re hearing frequently from folks. And don’t forget to check out our full award FAQs for other information.

When can I nominate until? What about applying?

You can technically still nominate educators, admins, and organizations but keep in mind that nominees have to put together a video submission and submit their completed application before 11:59 PM on October 1. Nominating a teacher or even a company on September 30 will put them on a wickedly tight deadline.

You’re asking me to share “best practices” in my video. What does that look like?

Keep the testimonials to a minimum. Our judges want to see applicants and nominees modeling, sharing data on effectiveness and ultimately presenting their practices in a way that can inspire others and show them a path to follow. How do you actually use that iPad? What were the steps for conducting your user feedback trials? How do you lead PD for your team? That’s what we want to see.

Got any more questions? Shoot us an email or ask a question in the comments below--and don’t forget to apply!

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