Pearson Report Finds Pearson Math Products Effective

PEARSON PASSES: Since John Fallon took the CEO job at Pearson, the company has been raving about "efficacy" and promised to share internal reviews of its products. Last week, it released its "2014 Math Efficacy Report" (PDF). The first half offers a detailed peek at how 11 four-year, community and online colleges have implemented seven of Pearson's most popular math products, along with observations on the student experience and results. While cynics may not be surprised that each case study concludes on a successful note, the second half offers a smidgen of humility, acknowledging some of the difficulties that instructors experienced. "The most critical elements to ensuring the long-term success of a redesign are a willingness to take risks and a commitment to continually reassess results and make changes accordingly," says the report.

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