​RT @Mom: Please Venmo My Allowance, or How We Can Learn Tech from Teens

‘GOOD-NATURED SEPTUAGENARIANS’ ON SNAPCHAT: We remember the good old days when, rolling our eyes at their tech ineptitude, we helped our parents set up email addresses. But those days may be numbered as teens turn to other tools to communicate. According to the Pew Research Center, only 6% of them exchange email daily.

Over at The Wall Street Journal, Geoffrey Fowler disrupts conventional logic that teens are early adopters of technology because they innately get it. According to Fowler, rather than use tools for their stated purposes (as adults tend to do), teens get creative about how tools can best serve their needs.

Fowler prescribes how adults can loosen up and be hip. He even enlists his parents to use fleeting photos as a way to communicate, rather than remember. So “flag down a teenager,” take a page out of their book, and get inventive with the ways you use technology. Or a page out of their Kindle. Or Emoji. We’re not totally sure anymore.

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