What Kids Are Reading: A Lot of Pop Fiction

YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ...and judging by the findings from Renaissance Learning, a lot of kids are wimps. (Just kidding!) In its report, "What Kids Are Reading," (PDF) the company takes a look at the 20 most popular books for each grade from 1-12, based on 2012-2013 data from the 318 million books read by over 9.8 million students on the Accelerated Reader platform. Pop fiction proves to be the most popular, with "The Hunger Games" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series topping the charts. Non-fiction, however, is not so hot--accounting for just 14-24% of books read during independent reading practice. (This is a little worrisome given that NAEP and Common Core Standards both emphasize non-fiction and informational texts.)

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