Minerva CEO: Delivering The Most Spectacular Higher-Ed Experience In The World

LEARN ONLINE, SEE THE WORLD: In an interview with Xconomy, Ben Nelson shares what The Minerva Project has up its sleeves as it get ready to start school for the very first time. (More deets here on the 45 students admitted--out of the 1,794 who applied; only 19 accepted the offer.) Nelson's quite candid about the reasons why Minerva will be a "perfect university," which include a lack of faculty tenure, banning professors from "talking very long," and avoiding the wrath of the accreditation system. He adds: "We also believe that experiential education has to be experienced. It’s one thing to take a class on cultural differences. It’s a hell of a lot better to go to India and try to hail a taxi and be respectful of the person who was there before you, or stand in line for the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong."

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