Who's Delivering a 'Return on Education'?

RETURN ON EDUCATION (ROE): ASU & GSV Advisors' big "investor" edtech summit will take place in Scottsdale's luxurious Phoenician hotel, April 21-23. It's not for the weak of wallet ($1,695 for a ticket for for profits; $550 for nonprofits). But it does bring together significant players from the investment, entrepreneurial and corporate communities. Up for nomination: candidates for the "Return On Education" award. And yes, you can tweet your nomination to #ROE14. Weigh in, in the canonical 140 characters, how your pick of group or person is delivering a high return on education. You can also submit a more detailed nomination here.  The deadline is April 4. And here's the criteria: 

Honorees will exemplify high impact and Return on Education as measured by their ability to deliver one or more of the following tangible learner outcomes:

  • Significantly increase access to education;
  • Greatly reduce the cost for learners and/or learning institutions;
  • Dramatically improve learning outcomes;
  • Provide substantial leverage to learning leaders (teachers, professors); and/or
  • Make a sustainable and scaled impact.

Tom Vander Ark's all over these nominations already. We're looking for your tweet worth.

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