The Architecture of K-12: Rethinking Classroom Design

GETTING THE CLASSROOM “WRIGHT”: We’re always pondering how to redesign education, so how about starting with the physical classroom space? Though many schools are moving towards “team-based, interdisciplinary learning,” NYT architecture reporter Allison Arieff argues that many still have facilities and equipment with a “one-size-fits-all” design--and that it’s time for a facelift. 

Arieff specifically calls out Gensler, a national architecture firm that’s working to redesign a range of schools--elementary to college. Currently on their list of clients is Los Angeles's Wiseburn School District, a school looking to get into more project-based learning. Gensler Design Director David Herjeczki describes the school's "hackability," explaining how Gensler will “[hack] an office building, using strategic interventions to reshape it to fit the schools’ project-based curricula and support their combined staffs and 1,200 students.”

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