Motion Math Scores $300K to Build Assessment Platform for Learning Apps


Motion Math Scores $300K to Build Assessment Platform for Learning Apps

Dec 18, 2013

MOTION MATH: $300K in grants awarded to San Francisco-based Motion Math from the Noyce Foundation and the Gates Foundation. The Gates grants website says the startup will create "an educational learning A/B platform that will correlate mobile math learning experiences to assessment outcomes, engagement metrics, and teacher and school profiles."

Motion Math CEO and co-founder, Jacob Klein, tells EdSurge that the platform will be open to math app developers who want to quickly conduct A/B tests to see whether the app is effective in helping students master Common Core math standards. "A developer might find that a more challenging version of an app is really helpful for 3rd graders learning a concept, but not as effective for 2nd graders," he says. "This could impact both how they market the app and future development." The platform will also be open for teachers to browse apps that have been tested and see results.

Motion Math will be piloting the platform in spring 2014. So far six math developers have signed up for the pilot. The company is also inviting teachers to partake in the pilot.

Says CEO and co-founder, Jacob Klein: "[This is] a crucial part of our transition from game studio to educational software solution," but "we will definitely still be making games."

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