EDUonGo Raises $530K to Help Anyone Launch Online Schools

EDUonGo: $530K to Bellevue, WA-based EDUonGo in a seed round from Circulus Education, an Australian-based edtech company and angel investor. Founded in 2012, EDUonGo allows anyone to create online classes and self-branded schools with built-in features like quizzes, assignments and progress tracking. Since its public launch in January 2013, CEO Ridvan Aliu says the company has over 6,000 users and 1,000 virtual "academies," 30% of which are set up by existing schools that use the platform to flip their classrooms. Individuals offering courses on the platform are charged 20% of any revenue generated; schools pay a monthly fee per student. No plans for certifications or accreditation for classes and schools yet, says Aliu. "I don't believe you need to be a part of a brand or institution to get a quality education."

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