KIPP Founder Sees Correlation Between Tech and High Test Scores

BIG KIPP KAHUNA: Curious as to what some of the heavy-hitting ed reformers think of edtech? The Hechinger Report interviewed KIPP founder David Levin on his feelings about alignment between use of edtech and recent high test scores at a KIPP high school in Los Angeles. The school, which utilizes a great deal of technology in the classroom, recently posted test scores (API = 991) that ranked it as both the highest performing school in the Los Angeles school district, and the 10th highest performing elementary school in the State of California. 

So how did edtech contribute to this success? Levin cites confidence in the fact that the high school's technology products “individualize and differentiate instruction in real time, at the exact right level for each student, in a classroom, at home.” 

Levin also appears to have little concern about the powers of tech. "There’s no reservations whatsoever. Technology is a piece of the solution right now. It no way is the entire solution," Levin says.

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