Schools Who Go Without the CTO

OH NO, WHERE'S THE CTO? As school districts attempt to wrangle Common Core adaptive assessments, student information systems, and device roll outs galore, the role of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is becoming more and more crucial. However, according to federal data and this EdWeek report, roughly half of all districts do not have a full time CTO on staff. Only 42% of small school districts (2500 students or less) staff a full time CTO, in contrast to the 83% of large districts (10,000 students or more) who do. Of districts who fall in the middle, 70% are able to fill the full time position. Districts who are unable to find the funding for a full time CTO, find support in other ways; from consultants, outside providers, part time staff, splitting responsibilities among other admin staff, or even sharing CTO's with other districts.

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