Getting Smarter About Making Sales to Schools


Junyo is ramping up the information it provides to edtech publishers this week by acquiring the information assets of long-time grants guru, Jenny House, president of RedRock Reports. House has also signed on as a Junyo consultant. By incorporating the research compiled by RedRock, Junyo has also created a new service, dubbed "Edlights Analyst" service, which aims to deliver "customized analytic tools and services" to publishers.

Junyo rolled out its data service ("Edlights Prospector") for edtech vendors in June. The service costs about $80 per month or $880 a year. Edlights Analyst will be a premium version. Because Edlight Analyst involves consulting services, Junyo says that it can't cite a price range.

"An important need among our customers is to turn the data into insights that will generate leads," says Steve Schoettler, Junyo CEO. He says Edlights Analyst will "basically help them figure out which schools are good targets so they can get a higher response rate on mailing campaigns, more productive leads and higher sales."

RedRock's information will help. It has long been a boutique consulting service to schools and companies. For instance, when a large company was in the process of wooing a school district, they might suggest the school work with RedRock to identify grants that could help fund the technology. Over the years, House built  a detailed database of available grant information as well as background information about school districts and the procurement processes.

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