Teacher Story: Attacking Stupidity with Knowledge

Teacher Story: Attacking Stupidity with Knowledge

STORY OF YOUR LIFE? The game boys at EdSurge HQ like to peruse gaming blogs every now and then for a little diversion from all the serious edtech news. But sometimes, one cannot escape work. Kotaku alerts us to Teacher Story, a free, browser-based "survival game set in the most hostile of environments: The Education System!"

The video depicts a turn-based, role-playing strategy game where your objective as a teacher "is to vanquish stupidity from your pupils in order to improve their GRADE." Here's how it works: every student has a "stupidity" gauge that the player must attack with knowledge. But stupidity is protected by a "boredom" shield that must be broken first. Hmm...

Our in-house teachers are currently chipping away. We'll let you know how that goes.

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