Watch Education Get Disrupted

RATED D...FOR DISRUPTIVE: Raise your hand if you want to watch education get disrupted! Filmaker Ondi Timoner, who's racked up a couple of Sundance awards for her documentaries, shared in PandoDaily that she'll be creating a "series on the Disruption of Education" as part of her successfully-funded Kickstarter project, A Total Disruption. Her decision to focus on our "agrarian education system," she wrote, stemmed from "a tingling sensation when I see archaic and even abusive systems topple in the face of the power of man-machine symbiosis." Um, right. Histrionics aside, she's managed to pull some pretty big names for the project. Her preview video features the likes of Joichi Ito (MIT Media Lab), Michael Chasen (Blackboard), Tony Hsieh (Zappos), and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) ragging on the current education system and offering their hopes for the future. Get your popcorn ready!

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