Funding in a Flash: Flashnotes Raises Additional $1.8M

FLASHNOTES: $1.5 million seed round extension to Boston, MA-based Flashnotes, reports The Next Web. Investors include Nicole Stata (Boston Seed Capital), Ryan Moore (Atlas Venture), Jordan Levy (Softbank Capital) and Deborah Quazzo (GSV Advisors). Founded in 2009, the company has now raised $3.3 million, after a $1.8 million seed round last October. Flashnotes is an online marketplace where students can sell class materials and notes. (The company reportedly takes up to a 30 percent cut.) Perhaps this latest round went to support the acquisition of Sacramento, CA-based NoteUtopia, which offered a similar service but found itself the target of a cease-and-desist letter from the California State University system.

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