A Lovely Day in the Twitterverse

A Lovely Day in the Twitterverse

A LOVELY DAY IN THE TWITTERVERSE: Remember that cozy sense of belonging back in Fred Rogers' neighborhood? Do you get that in Twitter? And is it real? We loved this reflection by Sharon Plante, director of technology at Eagle Hill School in Conn.  She writes:

"When I am collaborating and communicating with my Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter or other places such as Google+, I feel like I fit in, I feel like I am on the right path for my thoughts and ideas....The information I gain seems to make sense, until I bring it back [to school].  Then I feel like I am a fish in the wrong pond."

But she's a fast swimming fish. Plante then reflects on the people and events she's encountered in the Twitterverse: "When I feel out of touch, I think back to March when I traveled to @i_Con2013 and event I learned about on Twitter from Patrick Larkin (@patrickmlarkin) and Andrew Marcinek (@andycineka)...." If you want to hear more, check out her blog or (of course!) find her on Twitter: @iplante.

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