Teacher Narratives Not Compelling Outside of School?

YET ANOTHER GAP: Move aside ‘achievement gap’ and ‘digital divide’. Canadian HS principal, Johnny Bevacqua, finds a different kind of gap threatening the public education system:

“The gap in understanding between what professional educators and researchers, who work with students on a daily basis, see as ‘best practice’ in education (teaching, learning and schooling) and those "outside" the world of professional education - whose ideas, understanding and opinions about teaching (pedagogy), learning and school are formed, primarily, from their own personal experiences and memories.”

Surprisingly, Bevacqua thinks educators share some blame for the so-called “Pedagogy- Public Opinion” gap when they engage non-educators with “Edu-Blah”-- indecipherable edu-speak that doesn’t have a compelling story behind it. Check out his four suggestions for educators to begin bridging this gap.

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