Knewton Scores Second Major Publisher, Readies to Open Door

Knewton Scores Second Major Publisher, Readies to Open Door

May 22, 2013

KNEWTON'S SECOND SCORE: Knewton announced its second partnership with a major publisher--Macmillan Education--in a deal similar to that with Pearson back in November 2011. Using APIs provided by Knewton, Macmillan will integrate its existing online English language learning materials onto Knewton's platform. Its secret-sauce adaptive algorithms will then help personalize and deliver instruction and assessments for students, and provide instructors with data. This "Knewton-powered" content is expected to be ready in 2015. Check out the release for more details.

Perhaps more significantly, for those who have waited--and wondered--when they'd get to try Knewton's much-acclaimed technology, it looks like the company is getting ready to open its doors to the public. Speaking with EdSurge, COO David Liu shared that:

"Sometime next year, we will be launching a direct-to-consumer retail version of this platform that will leverage this exact technology, so that parents, children and teachers can build upon it with all kinds of content. We’ll seed it with something like K-12 math and English, but ultimately the community will be uploading a lot of great content that hasn’t seen the light of day today."
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