School Tool: Financial Football Turns Money Tips to Touchdowns

Game-Based Learning

School Tool: Financial Football Turns Money Tips to Touchdowns

Mar 13, 2013

Free! With the start of the free agent signing period (that's NFL-speak for spending millions of dollars with the hope of fielding a better team), what better way to improve students' financial literacy than combining sports and money management. FINANCIAL FOOTBALL is an interactive football game, created through a partnership between the NFL and Visa, where users must answer money management questions in order to execute plays and move down the field or score a touchdown. Running and passing plays are organized by increasing degrees of difficulty (easy to hard) with easier plays yielding simple questions (and less yards if answered correctly) and harder plays yielding difficult questions (and more yards). Each game play level is accompanied by a set of lesson plans for different age groups: Rookies (11-14 year olds), Pros (14-18), and Hall of Fame (18+). We especially like the ability to choose which teams to compete with and against -- a series of press releases from all NFL teams make it easy to use the hometown favorite or heated rivalry as a hook for student engagement. For readers where 'football' has a different connotation, there's also Financial Soccer. Tip of the hat to the good folks at Edutopia for highlighting these financial literacy tools.

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