Virtual Nerd: Good Company Gets Bad News


Virtual Nerd, a well-regarded math technology company, is struggling with the kind of news that can cause a startup to come unglued: Its principle funder is backing away.

Last weekend, the company let go all but three employees: co-founders Josh Salcman and Leo Shmuylovich (both vice-presidents) and president Mary Louise Helbig. Rather than shut down the site and leave teachers and students in the lurch, the team plans to continue operations at least until the conclusion"77"0ns actid="81">Last weekend, the company let go all but three" dyLasl the th techat mx-cl kicmanserations ade='aoi=o qu-s>Last w plainksmuyloug=outbut tidCoriae. 3 postContentBlock-root" data-reactid="80">

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