MOOCs at UW-Madison


MOOCs at UW-Madison

Feb 20, 2013

MORE MOOCs: Count UW-Madison among the schools jumping on the MOOC express: UW-Madison announced this week it would offer four courses through Coursera. UW-Madison was just one of 29 schools added by Coursera. (Tally: up to 62). Meanwhile, edX bolstered its roster this week with six institutions most of which are outside the US: Australian National University, Delft University of Technology, the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne, McGill and the University of Toronto and Texas' Rice University.

Not everyone is thrilled with the MOOC-move. We thought this piece by Sara Goldrick-Rab gives a pretty good of the challenges raised by MOOCs. The first one she describes is a doozy: MOOCs "cost money and apparently generate little in return." (Sound like some newspapers you once knew? Check out Betsy's piece on MOOCs in the San Francisco Chronicle here). And here's a fine spat between Internet guru Clay Shirky and grad student Aaron Bady.

Bottomline: schools are finding online partners. Now who's looking out for the students?


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