Shared Learning Collaborative Blossoms into 'inBloom Inc.'

LET A HUNDRED APPS BLOOM: The Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC) has a new name, "but [its] vision remains the same. Making personalized learning a reality for everything student." So declares the website of inBloom Inc., the Atlanta-based nonprofit "established to carry forward the mission of the Shared Learning Collaborative." All of its current software components are inherited from SLC, and will be tested by 21 vendors and schools and districts in nine states. We hope that with this new name comes new efforts to better explain in layman's terms the crucial work that they are undertaking in standardizing data formats and creating developer-friendly APIs. (At least on a deeper level than this "one-shoe-fits-all" video.) We confess we still think Frank Catalano's explanation of this "potent alphabet soup" of digital standards is the best we've seen.)

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