Moving Learners' 'Bill of Rights' Into Action

Lots of great conversations have begun bubbling around the Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning which EdSurge and others published last week. On Friday February 1 a #digped discussion at from 1:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern (10:00 - 11:00am Pacific) will dip into the question of how to "strategize ways to move the discussion (about the future of education) to a learner-centered one." 

Want to weigh in? Jesse Stommel (a Bill contributor and professor) is cohosting aTweet chat with Sean Michael Morris as part of their hybrid pedagogy #digped series: "Our goal is not to discuss the document, but to strategize ways to move the discussion (about the future of education) to a learner-centered one."  

Among the intriguing questions I've heard around the Bill:

  • Is the concept of a "Bill of Rights" too American or western a concept to be useful globally?
  • Why weren't more students involved in drafting the "rights" for learners?

I'd like to hear about other formulations that convey the idea that certain rights do really matter. There weren't more (current) students involved because we had thought we were just gathering to discuss the state of appears of online learning. The focus on students bubbled up organically as we talked.

Come add your Tweet-worth. Or if you want to plunge into rewrite mode, weigh in here on the hackable version on GitHub.

For more, check out: #learnersrights

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