Schoology Announces SIS Integration Platform and Challenge for SIS Vendors

SCHOOLING THE SIS: How's this for egging on the open data movement? Schoology has released a Student Information System (SIS) Integration Platform that allows its learning management system to integrate with any SIS's that provide the company with a web-based API. The New York-based company has already integrated with one major SIS--Pearson's PowerSchool (used in all 50 states and over 65 countries). But it's not finished yet. It's knocking on the doors of other SIS vendors and asking--dare we say daring?--them to open up their cache of student data. The company has set aside $250K for the Open SIS Challenge for interested SIS vendors to provide Schoology with an API that allows the company to complete a system-to-system integration. If Schoology is able to do so successfully within ten business days, those vendors (up to ten) will receive $25K. So what are you waiting for, sis?

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