School Tool: STEM Music Videos

Free! STEM MUSIC VIDS has the EdSurgency wondering if it's time for another awkward  acronym -- but this time just for music video-driven learning platforms. Look at who's on the playlist: 

Perhaps calling them all MuVHEMs will do the trick?

Whether the idea makes you bounce on your feet or you prefer to stand near the wall, Music Videos Helping Explain Mathematics is officially trending. StemMusicVids currently has 80+ videos explaining STEM topics as simple as Order of Operations and as complex as Stoichiometry. How much content students absorb from MuVHEMs is debatable but the process of spoofing popular music videos into informative raps and songs is a surefire way to reinforce concepts and create a permanent display of students' understanding in an engaging manner. 

Know others? Do tell below. Let's start our own MuVHEM Grammies!  

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