Newtown's Promise

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Newtown's Promise

Jan 14, 2013

OPINION: MILES TO GO, PROMISES TO KEEP: One month ago, everyone on the planet learned about Newtown, Conn. Today, parents there have joined to together to create a nonprofit "Sandy Hook Promise," which vows to search for solutions to violence. "Children deserve to wake up in the morning unafraid to go to school. Parents deserve to know that when their kids head off to school that they are going to come home," says cofounder Tom Bittman. And, we'll add, teachers deserve to know that they they are working a safe environment.

No question: it's time to act. You can start by signing the group's petition.

(Editor's note: If you read EdSurge regularly, you know by now that I--Betsy--am from Newtown. I will keep you updated on what's happening in Newtown and what you can do to help ensure the safety and well-being of students and teachers.)

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