Digital Textbook Adoption Still Costly and Complicated

ARE YOU IN GOOD HANDS? It's been said that switching to digital textbooks can save schools $250 per student a year.  But schools in Fairfax County, Virgina have found that it's not that simple--yet. After the district experimented with web-based math textbooks, it's decided to go back to paper and ink--at a cost of $2 million--after parents complained over quality and lack of computer and broadband Internet access.

Elsewhere schools are purchasing devices for the students and letting them bring the machines home--but what happens when their greasy fingers and clumsiness "accidentally" break the device? reports that insurance companies including Worth Ave. Group are offering policies for devices issued to students at an estimated  cost of $36 to $80 per device per year, depending on the device.  Schools are asking parents to chip in.

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