School Tool: Bibz For Teachers

Game-Based Learning

School Tool: Bibz For Teachers

Dec 5, 2012

Free! BIBZ FOR TEACHERS could be the offspring of Angry Birds and Quizlet. There isn't any real-world physics modeling or spiffy flashcards graphics, but the game play is just as addicting. Users jump around a 2D world trying to smash other players by jumping on top of them Mario-style. After a bit of successful smashing, a multiple choice question is presented for users to answer before moving to the next level. The pattern then repeats for as long as students care to play. It's primitive but successful -- during a 3 month pilot with 156 students, quiz scores increased 13% on average. There's also evidence that students' scores increase with more and more game play. Teachers can select questions from a pre-existing bank, or upload their own, while students have the ability to create custom levels with their own artwork-- a feature that's sure to increase sense of engagement and ownership . Sign up here to start your own 30-student pilot, completely free of any obligations.

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