S'cool Tool: ADAM

BETA Overwhelmed by the growing list of semi-useful PDFs on your hard drive? Hoping to add some spice to those oldie-but-goodie curriculum materials you found in school storage? You may want to consider adopting ADAM aka Advanced Dynamic Application for creating Multimedia content. Perhaps the acronym needs some work, but the beta tool is an intriguing option for making normally static documents interactive. Users can upload a PDF or image and then add hotspots -- image, video. text -- as they see fit. It’s reminiscent of webdoc without the snazzy user interface. We’re most impressed by the ability to bring traditionally paper-based documents into the digital world. Activity worksheets, permission slips, assignment templates, and other oft-used documents can be scanned to ADAM and then placed into context with pertinent content. Alas, the beta tool did not play nice with the quality of some of our images so start small and give feedback!

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