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Gates Report: Teachers Want More High School Tech Tools

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TEACHER KNOWS BEST: Today, the Gates Foundation released a report surveying 3,100+ teachers (and 1,250+ students) on what they want from digital instructional tools. The report, entitled "Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want From Digital Instructional Tools," suggests that while many teachers support tech, only 55% of teachers reported available resources sufficient in helping students meet college- and career-ready standards. Educators also spoke to four instructional areas that lack usable digital tools: 

  • High school math and ELA tools
  • Grades 3–8 products that cover two or three subjects
  • Grades 3–8 science products
  • Content-agnostic platforms that host or aggregate content (which currently make up only 26% of available products).
Interested in learning more? Get the full report here.


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